Treatment for Painful Knee Inflammation

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Treatment for Painful Knee Inflammation

When I was a teenager, I became addicted to aerobics. At this time, I typically completed a high impact aerobics workout four to five times per week. Exercising helped me stay slim. Unfortunately, my aerobics sessions quickly affected my knees. One of my knees started swelling uncontrollably. The swelling was caused from a tear in my meniscus. After surgery, I underwent extensive physical therapy to strengthen my injured knee. Sadly, the swelling continued to persist. Due to my painful condition, I started researching ways to treat inflammation. On this blog, I hope you will discover easy, effective ways to ease knee inflammation.

Three Reasons To Consider A Clinical Trial For Your Illness Or Chronic Disease

When you are diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness, your doctor may advise you about some clinical research trials taking place in your area. Often recommended to patients who aren't responding to traditional treatments or those willing to pursue other options, clinical trials are a great way for pharmaceutical companies to see first-hand how their treatment methods respond with real patients. In fact, they are required by the United States Food and Drug Administration before a medication can be pushed to the mainstream marketplace. If you're considering one of these trials, here are a few of the reasons it might be worth taking the leap.

Your Treatments and Medications Will Be Paid For

Whether you currently have insurance or not, the treatments you receive as part of the clinical trial will all be covered by the company hosting it. You'll typically receive doctor's visits, lab work and prescription medications all free of charge. This is particularly beneficial if your insurance isn't covering your medications, and you're struggling to afford the things you need.

Depending on the condition that you have and the nature of the trial, you may even receive some durable medical equipment, like a constant glucose monitor, insulin pump or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device. You might even have access to other medications that are already FDA approved as part of the control group.

You Might Learn More About Your Condition

Most participants in a clinical trial learn more about their condition than they knew before. You will have a chance to learn about the symptoms and side effects caused not only by the condition, but also by the treatments. Since clinical studies are done after extensive research into the condition and how medications respond, this is a great opportunity to gain more understanding of what your body is going through.

You Have a Chance To Help Others With Your Condition

By participating in a clinical trial associated with your condition, you help further the research into treatments and potential cures. This may, over time, help others diagnosed with your condition. When you participate in a trial like this, you can be confident that you are making a difference in the long-term approach to treatment.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider pursuing a role in a clinical trial. Talk with your healthcare team and the clinical research company near you to see what may be available for your condition.