Treatment for Painful Knee Inflammation

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Treatment for Painful Knee Inflammation

When I was a teenager, I became addicted to aerobics. At this time, I typically completed a high impact aerobics workout four to five times per week. Exercising helped me stay slim. Unfortunately, my aerobics sessions quickly affected my knees. One of my knees started swelling uncontrollably. The swelling was caused from a tear in my meniscus. After surgery, I underwent extensive physical therapy to strengthen my injured knee. Sadly, the swelling continued to persist. Due to my painful condition, I started researching ways to treat inflammation. On this blog, I hope you will discover easy, effective ways to ease knee inflammation.

Essential Oils For ADHD

There is an abundance of information readily available about essential oils for ADHD and ADD in children and young adults alike. Most of the information found will claim that particular types of essential oils can assist in increasing concentration levels.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oil comes from the extracts of leaves, roots, flowers, stems and seeds from various plants. These oils are distilled into extremely concentrated forms which contain active ingredients that are super beneficial to the body. Using essential oils as treatment for various ailments is known as aromatherapy.

Essential Oils For ADHD Patients

Certain essential oils that are believed to assist with concentration levels include:

  • Lavender

    This oil calms and reduces anxiety levels.

  • Mandarin

    This oil tends to calm and quieten, especially when it is combined with lavender.

  • Roman Chamomile

This oil is famous for providing a soothing and comforting feeling.

Some of the other essential oils that can be used successfully for ADHD include:

  • Ylang Ylang

This essential oil sedates and can assist in calming the emotions.

  • Frankincense

This essential oil can greatly support the immune system.

  • Vetiver

Also supports the immune system.

  • Patchouli

This oil soothes the nervous system, which greatly helps with ADHD.

Safely Using Essential Oils

It is important that essential oils are never taken by mouth unless otherwise stated. The reason for this is that most of them can be toxic if swallowed. They should only ever be inhaled or rubbed directly onto certain parts of the body if stated. Essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil to prevent any irritation to the skin. One to two drops of essential oil should be mixed with one tablespoon of carrier oil for adults and one drop of essential oil should be mixed with one tablespoon of carrier oil for children.

Side effects of using essential oils are rare, but can happen nonetheless. Such side effects may include painful rashes on the skin, or blotches. These reactions may occur if the essential oils are used too liberally. Some oils may cause an unwanted skin reaction if exposed to the sun. Other rare side effects are reactions of the mucus membranes, such as eyes, mouth, nose and genitalia.

It is important to remember that children will always be more sensitive to essential oils than adults. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself about the various aspects of using essential oils. However, when used in the correct way, essential oils can enhance focus in adults and children alike. They are not a cure, but they can provide calming effects which will help to improve concentration.