Treatment for Painful Knee Inflammation

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Treatment for Painful Knee Inflammation

When I was a teenager, I became addicted to aerobics. At this time, I typically completed a high impact aerobics workout four to five times per week. Exercising helped me stay slim. Unfortunately, my aerobics sessions quickly affected my knees. One of my knees started swelling uncontrollably. The swelling was caused from a tear in my meniscus. After surgery, I underwent extensive physical therapy to strengthen my injured knee. Sadly, the swelling continued to persist. Due to my painful condition, I started researching ways to treat inflammation. On this blog, I hope you will discover easy, effective ways to ease knee inflammation.

Essential Oils For ADHD

There is an abundance of information readily available about essential oils for ADHD and ADD in children and young adults alike. Most of the information found will claim that particular types of essential oils can assist in increasing concentration levels. What Are Essential Oils? Essential oil comes from the extracts of leaves, roots, flowers, stems and seeds from various plants. These oils are distilled into extremely concentrated forms which contain active ingredients that are super beneficial to the body. Read More 

Medical Reasons For Laser Hair Removal: How You Can Try To Get Insurance Coverage

Laser hair removal is often billed as an optional cosmetic procedure, especially for women, and many insurance companies refuse to provide any coverage for it. However, many women and men can experience excessive hair growth because of medical conditions and even from medication side effects. Managing hair that grows because of an illness can be very challenging, and sometimes the only real solution is to get laser hair removal. So how can you get your insurance company on board? Read More 

The Freelancer’s Guide to a Better Night’s Sleep

When most people think of being a freelancer, they think you roll out of bed half-way through the day and work whenever you want. In many cases, freelancing involves an erratic work schedule and pay. This uncertainty often leads to little sleep, and even that small amount of sleep is non-restorative. There are ways you can improve your sleep hygiene, even as a freelancer. Establish A Schedule Most freelancers have a schedule, but rarely stick to it. Read More 

3 Tips For Minimizing Bone Density Loss With Inflammatory Arthritis

The chronic joint inflammation associated with inflammatory arthritis is one of many factors that may cause loss of bone density. Recognizing the risk early can help you minimize bone loss and possibly treat the problem before it becomes serious. Avoid Long-Term Steroids Everyone's situation is different and some people have no other option than to use steroids long-term. However, some instances can be a matter poor treatment planning or concerns associated with the use of narcotics to help with pain. Read More 

Teething Tips To Help Your Infant

Teething is a milestone in your baby's life, but it may seem like a never-ending time in your life with the lack of sleep and crying episodes (from both your infant and you). Helping your child deal with the pain is something that is going to be a learning process. Something that works with one infant may not work with another. There are a number of things you can try to soothe your infant and help deal with the pain, so you both you and your infant can get some rest. Read More